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Hello Runeterra World!

Mastering Runeterra makes Podcasts, Videos, Tournaments and now Written Articles!!

Welcome to!! A website for the Runeterra Community by the Runeterra Community! We are dedicated to bringing you not only the latest and greatest when it comes to Runeterra Strategy but we want to entertain you and knock your socks off while we do it! 

We will be posting  Guides, News, Opinion Pieces, Puzzles and so much more daily from our amazing writers all over the world! Who is this fantastic team you ask, perhaps you have heard of some of them?

Jason Fleuant, MajiinBae, WhatAmI, Henneky, Jasensational, Kevor24, ZTurtle, Puyshpii, Dr LoR, CastMin, MonteXristo, Briguy, Hydroflare, SSpellPierce, Wammu, Tiburn Blanco, Herko Kerghans, Leer, Aiden Thorne and so many more!

That's not all though in the short term we will also be hosting Runeterra Tournaments and giveaways so be sure to sign up for our weekly news letter to keep up to date on all the latest happenings in the Runeterra World!

In the long term we want to usher LoR into a new era of Video, Audio and Written content worthy of such an amazing game and community! Also did we mention a Mastering Runeterra Championship Tournament Series? You'll have to stay tuned to find out more!