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Herko Kerghans

Expeditions: Advanced Resources

Welcome to our third iteration of card ratings & Expedition Tier List!

Combining Balco’s winrate data and ratings from five expert drafters, here’s a by-the-numbers Tier List for every card in Expeditions.

Herko Kerghans

Runeterra Expeditions: Champions Tier List

The first rule of Draft Club is you do not take the bad card. Rather than agonizing about what’s the best choice, focus on making sure you avoid the worst choice. The Tier lists in this article will help Expedition newcomers recognize when they’re offered a “snap pick”, and navigate the “tough choices” when they arise.

Herko Kerghans

Runeterra Expeditions: Chickens, Eggs and Leaderboards

In a Mastering Runeterra interview, RubinZoo mentioned that there were no plans to add a Ranked mode for Expeditions that he knew of. “But it’s a chicken and egg thing, though,” he said, since an Expedition ladder would foster the competition that the mode currently lacks. Could the LoR community help solve this chicken-egg problem?

Herko Kerghans

Runeterra Expeditions: Co-Drafting Ashe-Thresh

With a very stats-heavy approach to drafting, arthurmauk tracks win rate stats from all cards on the LoR Guardian’s Expedition Insights page and then calculates their averages to gauge how they fit the deck he’s currently drafting based on curve and the deck’s gameplan.

Herko Kerghans

An Introduction to Expeditions

Drafting is a difficult game mode to get into, and Expeditions being pay-to-play makes the entry barrier higher. This guide will walk you through all the steps required before you actually face your first opponent.