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(OPEN APAC) Snapdragon Mobile Open Legends of Runeterra Season 1 Split 2 Cup 4 Asia Pacific

June 17 @ 7:30 am



Best-of-3: Swiss + Single Elimination

Players will compete in a swiss format with x-number of rounds depending on the number of players who sign up for the tournament.

No. of Players No. of Rounds
17 - 32 Players 5 Rounds
33 - 64 Players 6 Rounds
65-128 Players 7 Rounds
129-256 Players 8 Rounds
257-512 Players 9 Rounds

Players will be eliminated after X-3 loses.

On Day 3, the top 16 players from Swiss rounds will move forward in a single-elimination round following their seeds.

Match Details:

Each round will last [70 minutes] maximum with a 5 minutes break between rounds.

  • Game 1
    • 5 minute preparation phase
    • 1 minute ban phase
    • 30 second pick phase
  • Game 2+
    • 1 minute pick phase
    • Round durations will be tightly controlled by a persistent 60-minute round timer shared by both players. The round timer starts counting down once the Ban phase starts, and new games can only start while Round Time is active, otherwise, the current game results are used to declare a victor. Each player, in each game, will have an individual game time of 7 minutes, 30 seconds. Overtime kicks in for either an individual player who has used all their Game Time, or both players for 5 minutes after the round timer has expired. Players will only have 20 seconds for their turn during Overtime, and will no longer be able to bank additional time. A tournament-wide “hard stop” will terminate any ongoing games 5 minutes after the round timer for a given round has expired. In the case of an unfinished game, victory will be awarded to the player with the most game time remaining.

Deck Selection

  • Players are allowed to bring any 3 types of decks into the tournament

Deck Ban

  • Players will have [60 seconds] to ban one of their opponent’s decks
  • If the time expires without selecting a deck, then one will be banned at random
  • The pick phase will start once both players have banned a deck

Deck Pick

  • Players will have [30 seconds] to pick one of their remaining decks to play
  • If the time expires without selecting a deck, then one will be picked at random
  • The game will start once both players have picked a deck


Players are responsible to take an in-game screenshot after the completion of the game and upload it accordingly on their respective ESL Play match page.

You can reach us via Discord for quick questions, for everything else please open a support ticket.