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Ep 104: Worlds Qualifier Open, Eternal incoming & Competitive thoughts - MR Podcast

The Guys go over their World Qualifier Open Experience, what they hope for from the Eternal season, and thoughts on the Ladder & Daily Rumbles
mastering runeterra

Yet another feather for the ol' cap

With the success of the MR Run Open coverage, the guys talk about the experience that was the Worlds Qualifier, go over what they hope for from the Eternal season, and give thoughts on the Ladder & Daily Rumble system


0:00 Intro
0:43 Run Down
1:24 Worlds Qualifier Recap
2:40 Looking forward to Eternal Season - Fat Cat vs Big Cat
14:05 A look at Competitive
21:25 "The whole mmr thing"
28:10 A big change for helping the player experience in Rumbles

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