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Ep 100: Organized Play Christmas & LAN Event Incoming?

The Mastering Runeterra Podcast hits it's 100th episode just as Legends of Runeterra hit's it's stride!
Mastering Runeterra Episode 100

Table of Contents

We thought that the big 1-0-0 didn't land on the right week, turns out it landed on the advent of Competitive Runeterra, the guys go over what their thoughts are on the first few days, the community reaction, and some BIG Riot announcements Brought to you by


0:00 Intro

0:43 We finally made it to Competitive Runeterra

2:55 General feel on the new system

4:55 Looking at the potential of Eternal

11:37 Hot new Standard takes - Samira Fizz = Not that good

19:05 Majiin is full-force back in Legends of Runeterra

23:27 Quick Hits on Standard

27:05 Mastering Runeterra Open next week!


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