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Announcing Premium Subscriptions! just launched a new subscription service to help you improve your LoR game. If you are looking to up your gameplay this is the best service around. You get to learn directly from the game's best players for a low monthly subscription you get not only premium articles but you also get to join the team for a three hour learning call every single week!

Hello everyone!

Mastering Runeterra has launched its new subscription service that is chalked full of amazing things to help you level up your game!

First we will be featuring new in depth articles that will help you do everything from learn the best new decks to level up your mental game and avoid tilt and burn out and everything in between. Your subscription will also give you ad free viewing of the entire website.

On top of that you will be able to join our weekly three hour learning call where we review game play, talk about the current meta and which decks are doing well and answer any of your questions in depth. This is a great way to learn from the top players in a fun team environment. Even if you can't make the calls live you can leave your questions or videos for us to go over and still get the answers as we record the team calls and send them out via Discord and the weekly newsletter.

If you are on the Masters tier you can submit a video every week for us to analyze, this is by an far the best way to improve your game and it's a great exercise for everyone as LoR is such a deep game often the right or wrong play are not clear cut and discussing as a team helps everyone to learn and think about the game in new ways.

Last but certainly not least by subscribing you are helping us to do all the things we do to try and grow the competitive leaning LoR community. We are holding tournaments, making new tools, doing giveaways and even working on a LoR focused tournament platform that anyone in the community can use to run their tournaments.

You can sign up in the header of the website or right here:

See you guys in the Discord!


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