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Annie Caitlyn Tybaulk Deck Guide

MajiinBae ended up changing the list around resulting in him going on quite the win streak with it in masters and a 6-0 gauntlet run!

Recently in the meta, it's become clear that Samira has what it takes to hold her own as a pillar in the standard format. Especially with the rise of bigger Demacia, Ashe Noxus, and other go-tall decks, it's the perfect time for a Lord Broadmane-focused deck to shine.

Last season, Annie Ezreal Tybaulk was one of my favorite decks to play, but unfortunately, it lost a lot of its punch in rotation. That's where Annie Caitlyn comes in as its spiritual successor. I've seen some suboptimal versions of the deck out there, but I tweaked the list until I found something that worked for me, and now I've got a great win streak with it in Masters, including a 6-0 gauntlet run.

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