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500,000 Players Reported in Path of Champions Challenge

Up to half a million Path of Champion players are speculated to have played in last month's April Beta Challenge!
Path of Champions 500k players

The Legends of Runeterra: Path of Champions' April Beta Challenge captivated the gaming community, drawing in over half a million global participants, as reported in a post on r/LegendsOfRuneterra. Path of Champions has long been considered the most popular mode in Legends of Runeterra, with developers announcing last year that they would shift their focus towards this game mode. However, this decision was later reversed, and both PvE and PvP now receive full support, with both gaming communities benefiting from the diligent efforts of the LoR team.

Nonetheless, some questions still linger. If these participation figures are accurate, why does it appear that the game consistently takes a back seat to other Riot titles? Could it be that these numbers, when juxtaposed with the reach of games like League and Valorant or the forthcoming fighting game and MMO, simply do not meet Riot's expectations? It is evident that an immense amount of effort is invested in making Riot's games as visually stunning and entertaining as they are. Riot dedicates innumerable hours to transforming their games into works of art as much as playable experiences.

The renowned YouuXun is currently crafting an ultimate guide to mastering Runeterra's Path of Champions. With an initial draft of 55,000 words, he has been diligently editing the document. If nothing else it's obvious that LoR is thriving and that doomsayers of the past have been proven wrong. We invite you to share your thoughts on Twitter or Discord regarding these reported Path of Champions figures and their implications for the game!


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