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5 Eternal Control Decks | Get Started Now!

Eternal Season is just around the corner and we are going to be bringing you Decks and Guides all month starting with 5 Control Decks to try!
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Good morning ladies and gentleman, your boy Yangzera is back at it with another article and today we’re going to start hyping up the Eternal format! With the Eternal ranked ladder opening up very soon on May 25th I figured I would make a small series of articles featuring lots of cool strategies that you can play in the eternal format as well as updating some of the current standard decks into eternal decks which will always be an upgrade in power level.

Spell Slinging and Control Decks in Eternal

Currently the only spell slinging decks that are working well in Standard are KarmaKarma and SamiraSamira based strategies, but eternal will bring a lot of things back in both ApheliosAphelios and EzrealEzreal in my opinion. With Targon gaining access to forms of small invoke and The SerpentThe Serpent being reverted, the region can regain some early game power and transition to powerful late game options.

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