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5 Aggressive Decks to Prepare for the Eternal Season

Explore the evolving Eternal meta with us as we delve into new deck archetypes, the return of old favorites, and the potential game-changers in the Eternal season.
LoR Eternal Aggro Decks

What’s up guys, Yang back here with the follow up to our series showcasing Eternal decks! With yesterday being dedicated to some of the control and spell slinging decks I enjoyed playing the most, today we’ll cover an archetype I’ve been kind of tapping into recently but still have much to improve on, so stay with me and let’s try to uncover the Eternal meta together!

Access To Old Favorites

Aggressive players will be eating well as they’ll finally have access to Legion RearguardLegion Rearguard in their decks – the best aggro card ever printed. In addition to that, face burn enjoyers will get their hands on Get Excited!Get Excited! again without having to double draw their JinxJinx. Nightfall players can finally DoombeastDoombeast their opponents to death with both it and Unto DuskUnto Dusk, and SamiraSamira players can hope to add her to any previous archetype and do well.

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