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4 New Decks, Winners of the New 4.4.0 Patch

Explore the latest LoR patch's effects on the meta, top decks emerging, and game-changing card strategies for dominating the competition.
LoR Patch 4.4

Hey guys, Yangzera here back with the follow up article about my thoughts on the new patch. Now it’s time to talk about things I think will be strong with the recent changes after sleeping on them for a couple days, but first we need to address one last minute change that was not documented until yesterday night:

Momentous Choice got Hit

With a 100% mana cost increase, Momentous ChoiceMomentous Choice is the biggest nerf of the patch and one that SamiraSamira VarusVarus rightfully deserved. Unfortunately this was the best way to hit the deck in an emergency way and it will have collateral damage effects on other strategies, but I’m personally glad the devs could squeeze in a change that ends the reign of SamiraSamira VarusVarus as the undisputed best deck in the format.

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