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2 Mill Celebration Tournament!

We've hit a BIG milestone and are celebrating in the best way we know how; a Legends of Runeterra Tournament! just passed TWO MILLION VIEWS, to spread the hype (in true Mastering Runeterra Fashion,) we're holding a tournament for our community! This tournament will be free to enter for anyone with an active Premium or Patreon subscription, with a $500 USD prize pool, alongside some additional prizing to flex our newly releasing MERCH SHOP as well!

On top of the cash prizes, there will be BOUNTIES put on some participating members of the Mastering Runeterra team, anyone who gives these players their first loss will be given their choice of FREE t-shirt from our coming merch shop;

Bounty-ful Prizes

Players with bounties on their heards are; XxWhatAmIxX, Jasensational, and Puyshpii from the Pro Team. MonteXristo, Shadawx, and SamAnthony of the Squad

If you are the first player to win a match against them, then you are entitled to a free shirt from our Merch shop! For claiming your prize, you can reach out to Gregory the Grey (on the discord or by email at "[email protected]") to claim your prize. We will be reaching out to anyone who has won a bounty a few days after the event's conclusion.

Event Details

Date: August 6th, 10:00 am pst (1:00 pm est)

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee, tournament is accessible by Premium subscribers and Patreon members

Prize Pool: $500 USD ($200 for first, $100 for second, $50 for 3-4th, and $25 for 5-8th place

Shard: This event will be played on the NA Shard

Format: Best of 3, Riot Lock format. Variable number of swiss rounds (depending on number of entrants) followed by cut to top 8 which will be Single Elimination.

Coverage: This tournament will have a full coverage stream on the day of as well, stay tuned for an announcement as to who is on the desk!

Additional Rules and Details

-Participants must be subscribed to any tier of Premium or our Patreon at the time of participation to be eligible for prizes

-The tournament will be held on Communitygaming and coordinated on the Mastering runeterra discord, with the link to the tournament kept private to prevent illegitimate sign ups, it will be found in the subscriber section of the discord, and will be emailed out in the weekly newsletter on August 2nd

-If you have further questions, feel free to reach out on the #help-n-questions channel on our Discord, by pming Gregory the Grey#2657, or through email at [email protected]


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