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Ep 110: Patch, Pros, & Poro Kings - Mastering Runeterra Podcast ft; ABG's Tyguy, Arax, and Gibs!

Two MR mavericks are joined by three Always Be Gamers (Arax, Gibs, and Tyguy) to dig in to how their team functions, the new patch, and more!

Gaming more often than not!

The Expansion has broadened the deck pool for standard considerably with new strong LoR decks, to match we've widened the number of guests on our podcast featuring three members of the infamous Always Be Gaming team to talk about their individual backgrounds, impressions of the patch, what makes the team what it is, and ways for riot to enrich the LoR community!

ADDITIONALLY: We've got a chunk of news, first off people can subscribe to our Premium service for ONLY ONE DOLLAR for this next week as a nearly-free trial. In addition to that, we're going to have weekly tournaments for subscribers with a $20 prize pool AND a shot at a money match vs Jason Fleurant or Majiinbae for $100! On top of ALL THAT, we're juicing up our next series of Open tournaments by raising the guaranteed prize pool to a minimum of $2000.00 USD

Do you have feedback for the hosts? Let us know in our Discord server, in the Youtube Comments or on our Twitter, thanks for listening!


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The Mastering Runeterra Podcast