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$1000 Mastering Runeterra Open - April 8th

The largest grass roots tournament series is back! Join us for another exciting weekend of action on Saturday April 8th!
Mastering Runeterra Tournament

Attention all aspiring Runeterra legends: it's time to put your strategic prowess to the test! We're thrilled to announce the upcoming $1000 Mastering Runeterra Open Tournament, where the best of the best will compete for glory, bragging rights, and a hefty prize pool. This prestigious event is your chance to prove your mettle, showcase your expertise, and claim your place among the elite in the world of digital card gaming.

You can sign up and find all the registration details

As always we will have live coverage of the tournament by Boulevard and SparklingIceTea on our Twitch Channel


Through our partnership with Matcherino we also have sponsors for this event. BetterHelp, American Red Cross, Activate Games and Breakout Games. On the registration page you will have the option to perform various actions like follow their Twitter accounts or Subscribe to their Youtube pages. Each time someone does this more money is added to the prizepool. As well we will be running ads for these partners during the stream that will add additional funds to the prize pool depending on the number of viewers and the length of time they view. With these sponsor we will be able to increase the prize pool for players and potentially run events more often, so please come and support any way you can!

$1000+ PRIZE POOL Top 8 Payout

The prize pool is at a minimum $1000 USD split between top 8. For each player's entry, $18.00 goes towards the prize pool, and $2 as a registration fee. This means, if a tournament gets more than 55 participants, then for each extra person, there is an additional $18 added to the prize pool.

1st: 400 40% of the pool

2nd: 200 20% of the pool

3/4th: 100 10% of the pool each

5-8th: 50 5% of the pool each

If you have any questions please join our Discord and we will be happy to help you. Good luck and as always thank you for being a part of our amazing community!